These Coconut Fruit Bowls Are Trending on Pinterest and We're Obsessed

These Coconut Fruit Bowls Are Trending on Pinterest and We're Obsessed

Move over, pineapple bowls, there’s a new (healthy) stuffed shell taking over and we’re just as obsessed as everyone else on social media. Coconut fruit bowls—aka halved coconuts filled with yummy smoothies, fruit or a combo of both—are sweeping Pinterest and why wouldn’t they be? Coconuts are a classic summer staple (ingredient-wise), they make you feel like you’re on vacation (always a good thing) and they’re the gift that keeps on giving (you can scoop the flesh out with a spoon to nosh on once the filling is gone). While a coconut might seem a little scary to crack, there’s actually an easy way to do it—watch a tutorial here—or you can always cheat and buy the ready-to-go kind at most health food stores. Here are a few of our favorite ways to serve coconuts this season!

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Coconut Fruit Salad Bowls

Edible flowers really make this bowl from LA-based Amazebowls one of the prettiest on Pinterest, but it’s also super-delicious thanks to homemade granola, hemp seeds and coconut flakes.

Coconut Breakfast Bowls

You might not think to add cottage cheese to your coconut bowl, but when combined with blueberries and raw cashews the flavor combo totally works.

Berry Coconut Smoothie Bowls

Smoothies in your fruit bowl take things to the next level in the breakfast or healthy afternoon snack department, and this version is gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan, so anyone can enjoy it.

Fruity Acai Bowls

Not only is this coco bowl by Freutcake gorgeous, but it will cool you down on a hot summer day. Plus it’s packed with super-healthy foods like chia seeds, goji berries and cocoa nibs.

Sorbet Coconut Bowls

Bowls by blogger Camille Styles have a sweet surprise at the bottom in the form of watermelon, lime or orange sorbet. Yum!

Banana Pineapple Smoothie Bowl

Impress your friends at your next brunch party with a coco bowl loaded with a banana-pineapple smoothie and finished off with unexpected toppings like melon-balled dragon fruit, vegan white chocolate chips, dried apple clusters and homemade “rawnola.” It’s just as good as it looks.

Oatmeal Coconut Bowls with Banana

Crazy for overnight oats? Now you can make them with coconut milk and serve in a coconut shell the next a.m. A scoop of coconut yogurt also helps if you want an overdose of tropical taste.


Blue Lagoon Smoothie Bowls

This blue bowl gets its cool color from Greek yogurt mixed with dried blue-green algae, or what’s commonly known as spirulina. Add some blueberries, chia seeds and kiwi to that and you’ve got yourself a winner.


Watch How to Make a Vegan Smoothie Bowl

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